Saturday, 4 February 2012

Update From OTR Producer During Fan Encounter

Source: ontheroad-movieFR. Via robstenation:

Noemie/OnTheRoad-themovieFR Fan encounter. Summarized in English by @eurofabulous

As she got back to the hotel, she saw a van arrived. Kristen got out and hugged
a few fans. She looked tired but had a big smile on her face for her fans.
that fan saw the On The Road, producer enter the hotel. she waited until he was
alone and asked him a few questions about promo and he told her that the
movie is done, there was never any technical problems with it, they just wanted
to wait for a big occasion to attract as many people as possible
guessing Cannes).

You can read the detailed fan encounter in French at OnTheRoad-themovieFR

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