Friday, 13 August 2010

Meet The Crew

Walter Salles - Director

Full Name: Walter Moreira Salles, Jr

Born: April 12, 1956, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (now age d54)

Occupations: film director, producer and editor

Main Filmography:

Linha de Passe (2008)
To Each His Own Cinema (segment A 8 944 km de Cannes (5,557 Miles From Cannes), 2007)
Paris, je t'aime (segment "Loin du 16e", 2006)
Dark Water (2005)
Diários de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries, 2004)
Abril Despedaçado (Behind the Sun, 2001)
O Primeiro Dia (Midnight, 1999)
Central do Brasil (Central Station, 1998)
Terra Estrangeira (Foreign Land, 1995)
Socorro Nobre (Life Somewhere Else, 1995)
A Grande Arte (Exposure, 1991)

Francis Ford Coppola - Producer
Full Name: Francis Ford Coppola

Born: April 7, 1939, Michigan, United States (now aged 71)

Occupations: film director, producer, screenwriter

Famous Filmography:

Patton (wrote)

The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather PartIII (wrote and directed)

Apocalypse Now (wrote, directed and produced)

Dracula (wrote, directed and produced)

Jack (directed and produced)

Jose Rivera - Screenplay

Full Name: José Rivera

Born: March 24, 1955, San Juan, Puerto Rico, (now aged 55)

Occupations: playwright, screenwriter

Interesting Facts:

Jose did the Motorcycle Diaries with Walter Salles

Jose Rivera was the first Puerto Rican screenwriter to be nominated for an Oscar.

Gustavo Santaolalla - Composer

Full Name: Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla

Born: 19 August ,1951, Buenos Aires, Argentina (now aged 57)

Occupations: musician, film composer, producer

Academy Awards
2005: Best Original Score – Brokeback Mountain
2006: Best Original Score – Babel
BAFTA Awards
2004: Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music – The Motorcycle Diaries
2006: Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music – Babel
Golden Globe Awards
2005: Best Original Song – "A Love That Will Never Grow Old" from Brokeback Mountain

Danny Glicker - Costume Designer

Best Known Work:

Up in the Air
Thank You for Smoking
True Blood


He was nominated for an academy award for his accurate wardrobe in "Milk".

Other members of the crew:

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