Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Garrett Talks About On The Road

With all this musical training is this something that you’re going to keep doing?

GH: Of course on my own time. It’s funny because I was on set and Terrence Howard came up to play a role in On the Road, and we’d work together on Four Brothers and we became really close and he played a lot of guitar on that and I would just sit back. He’d show me how to play but I couldn’t. The night we wrapped in Montreal he came to my room with a bottle and a guitar, and we got to take turns. We came up with a thing like, ‘You play one. I’ll play one.’ We must have played 15 songs a piece.

Have you wrapped On the Road?

GH: I just did yesterday morning [as of December 12, 2010].

So what was that experience like?

GH: It was a guerrilla shoot with the most incredible family. Walter Salles directed it and he’s put so much work into this film over the last six or seven years. I’ve been attached since September of ‘07 trying to get this project made. Being on set during the first day like, ‘we’re fucking filming On the Road‘ to today’s the day after we just finished it. It was unfortunate to part with a family you’ve come to love so immensely on this journey.

Now that you’ve wrapped that film, what do you have coming up next?

GH: Nada. I’m very fortunate to be a part of these projects and I’m very proud of them. I’ll be able to sort of sit back and read some books that I haven’t caught up on and try to enjoy the time a little more.


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