Friday, 7 January 2011

Garrett Hedlund Discovers His Country Strength

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You've got 'Country Strong' and 'Tron' in theaters at the same time. What's next for you?

I'm a little beat now, because I just worked for six months straight on this film, 'On the Road,' the Jack Kerouac novel. It was an incredible experience around the world. Playing this character, Neal Cassady -- that's Dean Moriarty in the book -- it's such an infamous, rich, vibrant, rare role. We were in Canada to South America, back up here -- New Orleans, Arizona -- down to Mexico, back to Canada and over to 'Frisco. I've been on that since 2007, so I've been prepping for that this whole time; that's been three or four years of preparation and research. It became a little hard at times, too, because being on that one, then jumping onto 'Tron' and 'Country Strong'; you've flown this kite so high in terms of prep and everything you read -- all of Proust, Twain, Wolfe, Kerouac, Cassady', Ginsberg and Burrows -- and all the jazz research. You fly this kite so high that you're scared, and you think you have to tie it to a post and hope it's there when you come back to it. Ultimately, I had to read everything all over again just to have it fresh. I wrapped that the day of the 'Tron' premiere. I had to go straight from Frisco to L.A. for the premiere, and then the next day an all-day press junket for 'Country Strong.' I was just like, "Whew!" So, everybody was going, "So, 'Tron,' huh?" And I'm just like, "I want to go home and cry, I'm so tired."


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