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Kristen Stewart Talks About Walter Salles

August 25 2010
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"Walter Salles is one of the greatest directors the world "- Kristen Stewart hits the road
Talk to Kristen Stewart, a tiny figure almost disappearing in a mini- Oscar de la Renta gown covered in sequins, saltões Christian Louboutin completing the look. The pretext , of course , was the release EclipseThe third episode of the saga Twilight. But Kristen was more interested in talking about the project that will occupy your summer months the U.S. : On the RoadDirected by Walter Salles. " The coincidence is amazing , the book by Jack Kerouac was my favorite in the eighth grade, " Kristen says , eyes shining. "For me it is an idea too crazy to be playing the wife of Dean ( fictitious name of Neal Cassady, beat writer and friend of Kerouac ). She is an icon of the Beat movement , and was mostly able to live in this world that attracted me to the project. "
Equally important is how much "history breathes freedom. The story is set in an era of mass conformism , and focuses on a group of people who decided to give back to live like that and wanted to live. Everything in the book and breathes jazz is cool and interesting. "
Kristen met with Walter Salles for lunch in Los Angeles, North American summer of 2008, shortly after the end of filming Twilight. "I imediatamemte felt attracted to the story , "she says. " And not only that , of course. Walter is one of the greatest directors in the world , one of the most important directors in independent activity. This is also very important. "
Kristen knew from the beginning that On The Road follow the same arduous path of independent films , today - a long gestation period until all resources were in place. Even so , it undertook the project immediately , at that lunch. A few days before our conversation Kristen finally spoke again with Walter on the phone. "He was so excited and so happy for the project take off. I'd be here hours describing the passion and deep understanding that he has the book, " she says. "He's a love - both thanked me for I have committed myself to the project, have remained with the film even when there was still all funding . I thought, what? Just kidding , right? This is one of the roles played most of the time. I do have to thank . "

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