Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Argentina Filming Details

August 25 2010

The article where I found this information also says which hotel the cast will be staying in and quite specific filming locations, therefore I am not going to post the source. Instead I will tell you what I found out from that article not including the hotels and specific filming locations.
  • The cast and crew will try to film in the surrounding area of Paso Cardenal SamorĂ©, which is on the border between Argentina and Chile.
  • They arrived yesterday (Tuesday 24 August) with crew members, trucks and tents but couldn't film because of bad weather conditions. It was snowing heavily and was predicted to reach 30cm.
  • They will film today and tomorrow in the area of Paso Puyehue and Friday in Bariloche.

Pictures of the areas mentioned via @jesicama

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