Monday, 16 July 2012

Some Reviews...


"...The selfishness, the craziness, the curiosity for the unknown, the anxiety to put out all you are feeling and share it with others, the feeling that you need to do something but you don't know what, the desire of be different, of do something that makes difference, the desire of be creative, the desire of taste and prove all at the same time. Some are followers, some open roads. All of it brings happiness, friendship, auto-affirmation but angst, pain, deception, feeling of failure. Walter talks essential about the human condition of the after WWII young generation that saw all the reactionary values be destroyed by the war and they went out just asking questions, tasting and living each moment as it would be the last one. A highly creative time in poetry, paint, and music! In the end he showed that it is a period in our lives and it pass and you have to get along with it, if not, if you get stuck and don't grow, you will be left behind. It is life!..." (portugese review):

"...the fantastic photography Eric Gautier [director of photography of great Motorcycle Diaries and the Wild (2007) highlights the stunning beauty of the places where the characters are even movements without using cliches and frameworks, giving only the necessary information, and always contributing to the course of history..." (portugese review):

"...'On the Road' does not come to be just an adaptation of a famous book, but to be seen as a continuation of the ideal of Kerouac and his generation. It can be seen by fans of the author, who will leave the film honored with such fidelity to the work of Jack Kerouac, and for those who still are not, which certainly will come out hungry for the pages of On The Road..."

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