Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New Photos Of Garrett In The Hudson

From L&PM Editores (translated with google translate so please forgive any mistakes!):
As announced, here are two pictures I promised to share with fans of On the Road. The initial idea was to publicize the photos on the 90th birthday of Jack Kerouac, March 12, but the anxiety was great and the picture came as soon as possible to as many people, launched a challenge: when a link was retweeted 300 times, the photos would be released. So promise fulfilled!
The first picture "Dean on bennies" was made by Greg Smith on a highway in Texas while traveling "cross country" that the crew did for shooting second unit, through the roads of On the Road.
The second picture was clicked within the Hudson also by Greg Smith. Between San Jose and San Francisco. Garrett drives the car with Al Hinkle (who helped Neal Cassady to buy the Hudson in 1947 that appears in OTR) in the back seat. 55 years after the original adventure, Al Hinkle, Garrett Hedlund and John Cassady, Neal's son, Hudson led Southern California to San Francisco to deliver the car filming the Beat Museum - your new address.
And then, enjoyed the photos? Clicked on them to see them big? Then spread!

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