Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012’s Most Tantalizing Movies

On the Road, and It's About Time

Story: Don't make us trot out the dunce caps. You should probably have read On the Road well before college, so we're all scratching our heads why it took this long to
transform the book into a film. David Cronenberg already made the previously
unfilmable Naked Lunch, for Mugwump's sake!

Why it could be cool: Jack Kerouac's timeless novel of geographical and metaphysical liberation in a '40s stuffed with sex, drugs, jazz and cars influenced everyone from Bob Dylan and The Doors to Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo journalism. Walter Salles' On the Road film adaptation will star Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund and the Twilight franchise's Kristen Stewart for post-millennial fanboys and girls. Plus, Viggo Mortensen as William S. Burroughs? Sold!

Cautionary note: Stream-of-consciousness is hard to contain. That's a philosophical way of saying that On the Road's 2012 release date has not been officially confirmed.—Scott Thill

Release date: To be decided

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