Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Image From OTR Coming Soon

Translated with google translate so may not make complete sense

L & PM - which publishes much of the work of Jack Kerouac in Brazil, including On the Road - On the Road and On the Road, the original manuscript - received a photo unheard of filming the movie by Walter Salles, who is under mounting . It is a unique image that Dean Moriarty, played by actor Garrett Hedlund, appears in the trance, surrounded by girls calientes, dancing in a brothel in Gregoria, northern Mexico. Interestingly, once digital, the photo by Gregory Smith was caught with an old Leica M film and Tri-x black and white. Producer mk2 , Paris, in charge of On the Road , kindly scanned and sent us the picture as a "gift" for publishing the most famous book by Jack Kerouac in Brazil.

And the good news is that L & PM will pass this gift on. Saturday, March 12 , which marks the 89th birthday of Jack Kerouac, we will publish the image - unprecedented in the world! - Here on our site, near noon, and the followers of L & PM in Twitter and Facebook will be informed first hand.

"I was born in 1956, one year before the publication of On the Road . If I had a few decades unless it would have discovered On the Road in the Brazilian version. The translation is very good indeed ... alive with the musicality of the original text, that was not easy to achieve. The introduction of Eduardo Bueno in the Brazilian version is very good ... better and more exciting than the texts that accompany the release of "scroll" which came out in the original. " (Walter Salles in an interview with Site L & PM Editores )



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