Sunday, 16 January 2011

Garrett Talks A Bit About Beatnik Boot Camp

Q: How did you manage to drop 30 pounds in 5 weeks?

GARRETT: This trainer, Gunnar Peterson, he trained me for Troy and this is maybe the second or third time I’ve trained with him and he’s just so good at what he does so it makes it easy. And you’re laughing the whole time. You’re not crying. Then, we had to get ready to do On the Road but I had to keep the facial hair to go to Nashville to do additional scenes for Country Strong. So while I’m at the boot camp for On the Road, I got the beard going.

Q: There was a boot camp for On the Road?

GARRETT: Yeah. We did a beat boot camp with biographers and family members.

Q: What do you do there – drink coffee and smoke and snap your fingers?

GARRETT: And then once I’m finished with that, then I can shave the facial hair off and then go about that and then I have to go back and do it and it was so chaotic. It’s been such a multiple personality sort of disorderly year. How can I make that make sense – multiple personality disorder.


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