Friday, 21 January 2011

Alice Braga Talks About On The Road (Audio)

Listen to the audio here.

"My character is Terry, she's a Mexican that falls in love, that has a little story with Kerouac. And it's interesting because talking to Walter, he told me, and I agree while I read the book, is that he's in that journey of discovering life, and you know living everything with a lot of intensity. As soon as he meets her, he goes to a different journey of going through reality in a way with this girl who is completely a part of what's happening , she works in a cotton field. So it was very interesting to see that balance and for the character to learn with him what he brought from the world to her. But it's great! I was very terrified about being part of this film because it's such an important like... everyone was involved in it, and it's Coppala that owns the right and there's a lot of history, I remember me talking and I was like, even if it was a small part, being part of something that's so important was very exciting."

source: hollywoodoutbreak
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