Sunday, 26 December 2010

MySpace Interview With Garrett Hedlund

That’s awesome. Did you keep up with anything like the parkour, or do you still play the guitar?

I play the guitar a little bit here and there. I haven’t lately because I’ve been on the road filming the movie ‘On the Road’ and the character doesn’t play guitar, so I didn’t want to bring the guitar along. But, I mean, I think I’ll be playing the guitar for the rest of my life.

Ha! That’s funny! So, you’re on just about every ‘one to watch’ and ‘hot’ list of 2010 and 2011. But it kind of seems like you might not really like or want people watching you in that way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it kind of seems like acting appeals to you, but celebrity does not.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, these films haven’t even come out yet and, you know, it’s been pretty crazy, but my focus at this time has been ‘On the Road.’ And we just wrapped yesterday morning in San Francisco, and it was exactly six months of filming. And, you know, you get so beat, and you’ve been everywhere in the world. I mean, we traveled all over the place for it. And, I mean, I wrapped at 11:00 in the morning and went straight to the airport to arrive here and go to the ‘Tron’ premiere last night on Hollywood Boulevard. And, you know, just being thrust into this, you know, massive sort of night. You know, I hope everybody enjoys the films, I’m really proud of them. But no, I mean, I’m more a private guy. And, you know, I’ll just start looking for a place to hide.

So, favorite book? Favorite book.
Let’s say ‘On The Road.’

So you’ve just wrapped ‘On The Road.’ Do you know what’s next after that?
Nothing. Just rest.

Take a break? It seems like it’s been pretty intense.
Well, yeah. It’s just, you know, it was, kind of a journey of a lifetime we just embarked on. So, there was so much work put together. And I got the opportunity to play such a rich sort of vibrant character. And one of the greatest characters I feel has really been written about. And even two nights ago I got to hang with the actual character, Neil Cassidy’s ex-wife, Carolyn Cassidy in San Francisco two nights ago, and walked with her hand-in-hand up to Vesuvio’s, the old bar they used drink at.

Oh, wow.
And to be a part of this, and to look over and see Carolyn Cassidy smiling at me, it’s just — it was the very last day too, you know? We’d done the whole journey, and now this is the gift. And it was wonderful.

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