Saturday, 18 December 2010

Garrett Talks About OTR and Hanging Out With Carolyn Cassady

And he just finished shooting a film based on Jack Kerouac’s Beat novel, “On the Road.”

“Two nights ago I was hanging out with Carolyn Cassady,” Hedlund says. Cassady’s the widow of Neal Cassady, Hedlund’s character, a pivotal person in Keroauc’s life and one of the inspirations for “On the Road.” “Yesterday morning, I was driving a 1949 Hudson Hornet across the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. We finished the scene, I stopped the car, jumped on a plane, and flew to LA for the premiere of ‘Tron.’ Hollywood Boulevard was all lit up and ‘TRON’ blue. Surreal.

“Then the next morning, I get up and start talking to reporters about these movies I’m so proud of,” Hedlund says. ““I just don’t know how to express my unbelievaty at all this. I know unbelievaty’s not a word! It’s more than unbelievable to me.”

Hedlund was in the 2004 big screen “Friday Night Lights,” playing the kid living with an abusive dad (Tim McGraw). He had a role in the hit 2005 action hit “Four Brothers,” billed well below star Mark Wahlberg.

Now, at 26, he’s getting his shot in “two roles, two films, that could not be more opposite.” But they both came about, he believes, because of “On the Road,” which he was cast in way back in 2007.

“Two years went by, and we were all at a point of giving up…I was still completely on board, utterly believing in the project. I was going to the Coinstar machine just to come up with walking around money.

“But I had the confidence of having ‘On the Road’ in the works when I walked into rooms to meet with casting people. I had that going in to read for ‘Tron.’ And I had it with ‘Country Strong,’ too. This movie that was in danger of not being made backed me up. “

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