Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Garrett Talking About OTR

Interviewer: And now we've got a third movie that you're actually filming right now which is based on a Jack Kerouac novel called On The Road, this is a project I think you've been involved with for several years, how phenomenal is that for you to be able to be part of this process, and where are you now you've been all over the world, right?

Garrett: Yeah, it's er...over the last 4 years of prepping this character with Walter Salles has been the greatest 4 years in my life. Being involved in this film is so monumentous to me and all these films you know? It's been a wonderful last few years, but to play this character that is so rich and so... such a crazy sort of character, to pay homage to this is such a rare experience ever in a career and being fortunate enough to be on this ride is a journey of a life time.
Starts 1:58

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