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Video of Garrett FIlming + Pics

November 09 2010
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The film adaptation of "On The Road', legendary beatnik novel written by Jack Kerouac, began in August, and take the team led by Walter Salles through Montreal, New Orleans, Mexico and Argentina. Actors like Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Dunst and Stewart Kisrten personify Dean Moriarty, Sal Paradise (Kerouac's alter ego), Camille and Marylou. One of our partners around the world ran into the shooting outside his home in Montreal, took pictures and captured a scene before being thrown out of the Set. This is a world exclusive first images of 'On The Road'.
By Andres Poblete from Montreal, Canada
Montreal is one of the oldest cities in America, and also one of the cheapest in Canada, perfect combination when a filmmaker wants to film a movie that takes place in 1949 and has its proyagonistas traveling roundtrip from New York to San Francisco.
A blue moon, I come to my house and the street closed. They are filming what initially looks like a gangster movie. Wonder a bit and then throw me to take photos tell me they are filming the adaptation of "On the Road" novel / Jack Kerouac's masterpiece. And the director is Walter Salles, who directed the same Motorcycle Diaries.
The scene in question is one where Dean Moriarty, played by Garrett Hedlund, walk down the street and steal a car, cross the wires and set off at full speed.
Despite the warning I took the liberty of filming from the window of my room a couple of takes of this scene. Halfway through the shoot it started to rain and dark. He takes me to the "crew" one hour to reassemble the lights and rain cover. Unfortunately the rest of the cast was not present: Kristen Stewart ("Twilight"), Kirsten Dunst ("Spider Man" and ever Virgin Suicide) and Viggo Mortensen, who plays William S. Burroughs, known in the novel as Old Bull Lee.

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