Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kirsten Dunst Mentions On The Road

Source: Tonight At The Movies:

TATM: Does that represent a certain place you are in, the types of work you are choosing?

Kirsten: I was like "You want to work with Lars Von Trier?... Oh yes, please, of course." I just want to work with great directors and Walter Salles I love. I am working with him on "On The Road", and that shoots in a couple weeks, my part of it. I don’t have any plan, I do a comedy, you know what I mean. I am not very like, you know, I only want to do serious films or something like that. I did “Upside Down” too, which was romantic and fun as well, over the spring.

TATM: What is your role in “On the Road”?

Kirsten: I am playing Carolyn Cassidy Camille, the role that is Camille in the book.

TATM: Were you a fan of the writing in “On the Road”?

Kirsten: I was a fan of “On The Road”, but mostly because I had a crush on a guy when I was like fifteen or sixteen, so I read the book. I mean for me, it is like more of it is like so poetic the way it is written, but is more of a masculine connection I think for a reader, and I was more of a Silvia Plath. I was more into the female version of that female role in “On The Road” were smaller than the books that I am usually interested in.

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