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Alice Braga Will Play Terry

August 19 2010

It has been revealed which character Alice Braga will play:
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Since the day 4 of August, the Brazilian director Walter Salles is rolling "On The Road" in Canada. To the end of the year, the output will pass for the United States (New Orleans and San Francisco) and Mexico. Alice Braga, confirmed in the cast, will do the paper of Terry Frank.
In the book, the personage of Braga is called barely of Terry. It is a girlfriend of Salt Paradise, alter ego of the writer Jack Kerouac, that in the film will be interpreted by they Being Riley. The personage is inspired in the real life by Bea Frank, a girlfriend of Kerouac in the Califórnia, nicknamed as to "Mexican girl".
The official synopsis, distributed by the advisory board of the film, the following one says: "After the death of his father, Salt Paradise, a novaiorquino aspiring to writer, finds Dean Moriarty, a youth and tempting ex-cunning. They give well right away. Determined to they will not get stuck to a life limited, the two friends break with everything and go for the road: thirsty of liberty, they uncover the world, the others and to them mesmos."
In the cast, are the actors Be Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Elisabeth Moss, Tone Sturridge, Danny Morgan and Terrence Howard.

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