Sunday, 8 August 2010

We Love On The Road Because...

I wanted to do something to unite all the On The Road fans together. On The Road filming is under way and everything is very exciting! I think we should get a bigger fan base to support Kristen, Garrett, Sam and every other cast and crew member involved. Of course, there would be no On The Road movie if there was no book. It all started with these amazing pages written by the great Jack Kerouac, so tell me why you love On The Road!

Send it in an email to, or on twitter, chatroll, in the comments or any other way which you can contact me by. Make sure you add your name, or a screen name. Add pictures if you like!

I'll edit all your messages into like a book thing online (if I can). Oh, and if I happen to meet Kristen, Garrett etc I'll be sure to tell them about/show them it :)

And I might make it in real life too...ya know with paper and glue, stuff like that :P

A bit of info about this book cover:

It was the first edition book cover.

You can see it when Jack Kerouac went on the Steve Allen Show:

And it's my favourite book cover :)

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