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The cemetery campivallensien in a movie $ 25 million
Mario Pitre
Le Soleil de Valleyfield - August 7, 2010
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Scenes shot in the Valleyfield Cemetery will be included in a feature film with a budget of $ 25 million based on the bestseller On the Road American author Jack Kerouac .

The ownership of the Canadian Legion, Victoria Street has been completely commandeered last Wednesday by the crew of the French company MK2 , which produced the film in collaboration with Lyla Films, Montreal , and two other English and Brazilian companies .

Many will have noticed the presence of many trailers on the site, as well as the small signs to the location , while access to the cemetery had been totally banned visitors, as the curious.

The cemetery served as a backdrop for filming the funeral of the father of one of the main characters . Over a hundred engineers , many Quebecers have been selected to do this .

" They come here with all their equipment, catering , they are fully autonomous and remain very very talkative about their work, " confided the president of the Legion , Remi Champagne .

Local media have also been kept out of the premises and prevented from taking photos of celebrities and film locations . But Thursday morning , there remained no trace of the film crew .

On the Road

Directed by Walter Salles , the film On the Road (We say that the title could change before launch ) evokes the years of Beat Generation United States .

This movement is brilliantly illustrated in what is considered the most eloquent manifesto that time , the novel by the author Jack Kerouac Franco - American (1957 ) from which the film was adapted .

Among the stars of the film , we find the actress Kristen Stewart , one of the main stars of the saga TwilightKirsten Dunst (Spiderman) As well as Sam Riley (Law and order) And Garrett Hedlund (Troy , Four Brothers) .

It was however impossible to see one or other of these Hollywood stars during the shooting last Wednesday. However , according to our sources , Kirsten Dunst is the only four stars mentioned not to have attended the scene shot at us .

Film On the Road should take the show in 2011 .

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