Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Kristen Stewart Goes On The Road In 2010


Kristen Stewart In On The Road
Kristen Stewart, now a household name because of the popular Twilight franchise, will be heading in a completely different direction with her next film project. Stewart will soon begin filming the movie version of Jack Kerouac's On The Road, the first film adaptation of the iconic 50's 'beat' novel and travelogue. This marks yet another departure from The Twilight Saga series in terms of Stewart's film roles. Aside from Twilight, she continues to choose more independent roles and projects such as Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways (2010). This year, she will be stepping outside of her Bella Swan character once again to play the role of
Marylou in On The Road.

Kristen Stewart To Play Marylou
It is no small feat that Stewart has secured the role of Marylou in On The Road. This movie has been highly anticipated for years now, and finally it will be making its way to the big screen in 2011 by way of director Walter Salles. Stewart's co-stars in On The Road include Garrett Hedlund who is set to play her lover Dean Moriarty, Sam Riley who will play Sal Paradise, and Kirsten Dunst who will portray Dean's wife Camille. For Stewart, the connection to the novel is personal, as she has cited it as her first favourite book growing up. Not only is Stewart tied to the book personally, but for the universal reader it is also easy to picture her playing the character of Marylou. She is described as a stunning woman with a thin frame, blonde ringlets, and a passionate personality. Throughout the novel Marylou is unpredictable, loving, fierce, and a constant presence with connections to multiple characters. She is a young woman just trying to feel life and live that feeling.

The Role Of Marylou
In On The Road, Marylou is centrally tied to the two main characters - Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise. It is her relationships and travels with these characters that shape the nature of the novel, and will certainly make a visually rich and dynamic storyline onscreen. As they travel around America on the road in search of adventure and thrills, it becomes clear that On The Road is about living life, and truly feeling that experience. The novel was formative in characterizing the term 'beat' and embodied that way of life. It's a term that defined a generation of breaking taboos, expanding beyond limitations, and a rejection of the material norms in society. As the characters of the novel literally go on the road in search of the elusive "it" feeling that Dean Moriarty describes, Marylou finds herself wrapped up in the jazz, the drinks, the bars, the people, and the all-encompassing beatnik revolution.

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