Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Making Of OTR Confirmed By the Office of Film and Television Council


Film On The RoadBased on the famous book by Jack Kerouac, will be shot in Quebec this summer. Directed by Walter Salles, and enjoying a budget of $ 25 million production will star Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart.
The news was confirmed yesterday by the Office of Film and Television Council.
"We're very, very happy. It validates all the work we did for four years, "says Hans Fraikin, National Commissioner of the Office of Film and Television Council.
On The Road is produced by the French company MK2, in collaboration with Film 4 in England, video film in Brazil, and the box of Lyse Lafontaine Montreal, Lyla Films.
"I have already co-produced the film 24 Measures with MK2 and I produce them with the next film by Xavier Dolan Laurence Anyways"Says Ms. Lafontaine, attached to Paris to explain his involvement in the project.
American Zoetrope, the studio of Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, is also involved in production.
"They will introduce the film. Their names appear in the credits at the beginning, "Ms. Lafontaine.
"They had to do the project," she said about Coppola and Lucas. It Coppola bought the rights (of On The Road) Thirty years ago, and they have been redeemed by Mk2 "she says.
45 days of shooting
Some scenes On The Road will tour the U.S. and Mexico, but in Quebec that the majority of the film will be shot.
"It will be from 2 August to November, in two stages, said Lyse Lafontaine. They talk about 45 days shooting in Quebec. "
The film's producers came twice in the Belle Province to locate places that might stick to the script. "They came three weeks ago and the last week," says Hans Fraikin.
According to him, some scenes will be shot in studio, at Mel's Cité du Cinema, but also in Montreal and probably in the region, as in the Laurentians.
"They need more roads," says the Commissioner, specifying in particular have helped the team, including director Walter Salles, get their visas. This will happen elsewhere in the province by the end of the week.
The producers also considered the possibility of turning some scenes in Quebec.
"It has been tracking for some street corners, but I doubt we go there," admits Lyse Lafontaine.
Riley, and Stewart Dunst
The scenario On The Road was written by José Rivera from the book written by Jack Kerouac in 1951 but was eventually published in 1957.
Largely autobiographical, On The Road, Considered the obvious Beat GenerationTells the story of Sal Paradise and his companion, Dean Moriarty, who travel America and Mexico by various encounters.
The film stars Sam Riley will (Law & Order) In the role of Sal Paradise, and Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers, Troy") As Dean Moriarty.
Kirsten Dunst, who has just stay in Québec for the filming Upside Down, Will return to turn in the province. The star of Spider-Man will play the role of Camilla, the wife of Dean Moriarty.
Kristen Stewart, Bella Swan movies Twilight, Will play its part for the role of Marylou, the eternal master of Dean Moriarty.
On The Road is the fourth major production to be born in Quebec around this year, after Immortals (Mickey Rourke, Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto), Source Code (Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan) and Upside Down (Kirsten Dunst, Jim - Sturgess).
The Office of Film and Television Council is in negotiations to attract other productions in the provinces by the end of the year. "One, maybe two," says Hans Fraikin.
* The author On The RoadJack Kerouac died in 1969. Nicknamed Ti-Jean, his parents were Quebecers.

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