Saturday, 12 June 2010

Eclipse Press Conference

Kristen is at the Eclipse press conference right now! And she mentioned On The Road!
Here are tweets about OTR:

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Excited about her next movie on th road her favorite book

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Starts in July in On the ROad

BUZZNET She's playing Marylou from Jack Kerouac's On The Road, which was her first favorite book. We honestly can't wait to see that movie. Iconic.

Also, there is a liveblog (
here), which has told us:

11:21 a.m. She's over-the-moon about doing "On the Road," which was a favorite book of hers. She starts a four-week Beatnik Boot Camp in July in preparation for shooting. She notes that a four-week preparation process is unheard of. She's noticeably excited for this one, which will be directed by Walter Salles

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