Monday, 10 May 2010

Walter Salles Talks About the Adaptation of Walking On The Road

The classic counterculture On the Road (On the Road), Written by Jack KerouacIs gaining an adaptation to theaters with Brazilian director Walter Salles (Brazil's Central, Motorcycle Diaries). The film has already closed its main cast, and now Salles said the project, in a statement.

About recent hiring of Kristen Stewart (The Twilight SagaThe unprecedented The Runaways) For the role of Marylou, The wife of Dean Moriarty, He revealed that the actress is long connected with the project.

"I invited to Kristen Stewart On The Road almost two years ago, after being impacted by their performance in Into the Wild, Sean Penn. She knows the book Kerouac in depth, and remained faithful to the project during the entire time that the film sought funding. It's not an actress who refuses to risk, such as incandescent character that she will live. She might be starring in projects with budgets much bigger, but made the choice to participate in an independent film by the film says. These days, there is little, " Salles said.

The novel 1957, a favorite of the director, tells the story of Sal Paradise, average guy who lives in New Jersey and knows a crazy drifter from Denver, Dean Moriarty. The magnetic personality of the newcomer Sal wins together and he set off to visit the United States on a journey of self-knowledge. Sam Riley (Control) Salt and interprets Garrett Hedland (From unpublished Tron: The Legacy) Live Dean.

"I see On The Road as a very contemporary movie. While Motorcycle Diaries is about a social-political awakening, On the Road defines the beginning of a behavioral revolution. If Sal and Dean had not had the courage to leave their predictable lives to dive on this experience, our lives would probably be different today, " commented.

As part of the creative process of the film, Salles also toured the United States, following the route of Kerouac, which was recorded in the documentary In Search of On the Road.
The project is in for years American Zoetrope, Producing Francis Ford CoppolaWith funding from French producers MK2, Which also produces such directors as Abbas Kiarostami and Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Jose RiveraThe writer Motorcycle Diaries, Adapted the text. The film begins shooting in August, filming on highways in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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