Wednesday, 12 May 2010

On The Road in Different Languages

I was searching youtube and I came across a video in a foreign language. I finally figured out that it was italian, and learnt the Italian for 'on the road'. I tweeted it and a few other tweeters tweeted what 'on the road' was in their language. Here's what we found:

English - On The Road
Italian - Sulla Strada
Portugese - Pé na Estrada (thanks @KstewDefenders!)
French - Sur la Route (thanks @Joan_velvet!)

Others that I learnt:

Dutch - Op de Weg
Greek - στο δρόμο
Japanese - 道
Russian - на дороге
Chinese - 在路上
Korean - 도로에서
German - auf der Straße
Spanish - en el camino

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  1. For those interested in foreign editions of On the Road I recommend the following site, which displays the covers of over 170 editions of Kerouac's book in many different languages.

    My own collection of 100 editions of the book in 25 different languages is on exhibit at the Beat Museum in San Francisco right now:

    Horst Spandler