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Dreamboat Showdown: Sebastian Stan vs. Garrett Hedlund

From Swide:

We at Swide, have found ourselves in sort of a pickle. We can't seem to decide who has the most 'boyfriend potential' between Hollywood's newest heartthrobs, Sebastian Stan and Garrett Hedlund. So, we of course sized them up next to each other and chose...
In discovering who has the most 'boyfriend potential', we sized up hotties Sebastian Stan and Garrett Hedlund according to categories like: badboy appeal, hobbies, fitness level, degree of domestication, work stability and relationship availability.


Let's face it...we all love a "bad-boy". We think we can change them by showing them something they're not comfortable expressing nor receiving, a thing called love. Gossip Girl's Sebastian Stan may look like and play a "bad-boy", but he's far from actually being one. Romanian-born actor, Sebastian, grew up in both Vienna and New York. He attended a private school in New York where he developed a love of theater, even having participated in school productions. Sebastian wasn't just a theater nerd during the school year alone, but the summer as well. We guess all that extracurricular activity helped Sebastian develop his acting skills and as a result, making us believe he very well could be 'that guy 'our mothers warned us about.

Wanna-be bad boy, "The Hoff"

Swide crush, Garrett Hedlund was fortunate to have had a wholesome upbringing on a farm in Minnesota, but don't let that form your opinion about him nor his less than convincing black and white photo as a "bad boy". In Garrett's films like "Death Sentence" and "Four Brothers", Garrett's gotten his fair share of "bad boy" training courses from having been taught how to carry an armed weapon and/outrun the cops.



Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan, seen here playing tennis for the Hublot’s Tennis Fusion Celebrity Challenge at Sutton East Tennis Club. Excuse us Sebastian, but what possessed you to wear biker boots during a tennis match? We're starting to think you don't take neither tennis nor fitness seriously.

It's not like there were so many things to do growing up on a farm. Thankfully for Garrett, he learned to entertain himself by joining his school's football, wrestling and hockey teams. We wouldn't mind Garrett showing us how he pins down his opponents in a one-on-one lesson.

Garrett Hedlund- And he's a croquet player ...*sigh*



Cooks, they may be not...but we would love to have them look good and do nothing in our kitchens. Consider these photos simply gratuitous.



Sebastian Stan can show you how to put on a pokerface...

But Garrett can make love to your ears with his dj-ing and trombone playing. Garrett tells Wild about Movies, "I never played music for money, but I did do a lot of trombone playing in school, choir in church and karaoke for fun. So I am not incompetent when it comes to music".



"Four Brothers"

Interview with Garrett Hedlund-"Death Suicide"

Garrett Hedlund has had the opportunity in starring alongside Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon, and Jane Fond, to name a few. Every one of Garrett's roles have been different from the other, from playing a virgin Mormon in Georgia Rule to a twisted gang member in "Death Suicide",

"Gossip Girl"

Although Sebastian Stan's film career isn't as developed as Garrett's, his TV and Broadway careers are. In 2007, Sebastian first began making appearances on the hit CW series Gossip Girl, playing the very wealthy Chuck Bass-esque Carter Baizen. Since then, he's appeared numerous times throughout the show's two seasons.In 2007, Sebastian also was cast in Eric Bogosian's play Talk Radio as "Kent" where he had a chance to work with veteran Broadway actor, Liev Schreiber.

Who will play the 'next' Captain America?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sebastian Stan is in the running to play Steve Rogers in upcoming film,"The First Avenger: Captain America." Also, it's worth noting that Stan is a Romanian-born actor, which has caused some speculation that he is being considered for Steve Rogers, but is instead reading for another role within the film. The studio held lengthy screen tests last weekend for a handful of prospects. "Garrett has not yet screen-tested, though sources believe he is the studio’s first choice.Marvel is expected to have a decision soon".



Sebastian Stan has been in a long-term relationship with Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. Don't hold your breath people, this relationship is nowhere near a breakup.

That leaves us with eye-candy, Garrett Hedlund. Garrett has never been one to kiss and tell. He hasn't confirmed nor denied having a current girlfriend, but we have noticed he's been flying solo to premieres and events.

Garrett, if you're reading this...if you're in need of a red carpet date or let's say, a girlfriend, we would gladly love to fill in, should the position become vacant.

Kind regards, Swidettes


Swide's clear winner Garrett Hedlund knocked-out his blue-eyed opponent, Sebastian Stan in the "Actor with most boyfriend potential" category. We don't feel bad for Sebastion as we're sure Leighton will heal his wounds.

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